Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lionel Suttie - Nylex Capri Cooler

Easter travels over the last few years have provided many items for my collection and this year was no exception. Lionel Suttie and his design teams at Huntingdale and Seaford designed many products for the Nylex and Capri ranges and included over the years industrial designers Ross Whitehead, David Nairn, Edward Kayser, and Michael Simcoe.

This Capri Coolibah 'drink thing' insulated drink jug is from the seventies.

Australian designed Nylex Capri Coolibah 'drink thing' from the 1970s.

Coolibah drink cooler designed by industrial designer Lionel Suttie.

Nylex jug designed in Victoria, Australia.

Coolibah 'drink thing' designed by Lionel Suttie.

Product brochure - Nylex Capri Coolibah range.

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  1. Ian Wong: May I ask if you would mind posting your bio on Suttie on the DAAO site. Ive just added him to the listing this am? Thanks