Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jack Martinich - Salone Satellite 2012

Melbourne Movement designer Jack Martinich has arrived in Milan today and is preparing to exhibit his folding electric wheelchair - Mobi at  Salone Satellite.

Mobi - designed by industrial designer Jack Martinich to be exhibited at Salone Satellite 2012.

The Mobi Folding Electric Wheelchair is a powered mobility device designed to meet the lifestyle requirements of our aging population. The Mobi offers the compact manoeuvrability of a wheelchair with the mobility convenience of an electric scooter. The design of the wheel chair features an innovative folding mechanism that allows it to be folded up, stored and transported in a vehicle without any need for disassembly.

Jack Martinich at Salone Satellite 2012.

The Mobi wheelchair incorporates self-balancing Segway-inspired technology that positions the user in the centre of gravity while balancing on two wheels. The elimination of the need for castor wheels leads to more compact and manoeuvrable vehicle. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries power the electric servo motors located in the base of each of the hubless wheels, giving Mobi a range of approx. 20km with one charge.

As well as power assistance, the wheelchair features wider pushrims and 26” tyres for improved comfort. Intergrated handrest/wheel guards protect the users’ clothing from tyres, and to improve user confidence and safety, automatic kickstands deploy when footrests are shifted upwards while sitting into and standing out of the seat.

Mobi wheelchair designed by Jack Martinich.

Melbourne Movement industrial designer Jack Martinich was runner up in the recent Design Institute of Australia VIC/TAS Graduate of the Year awards.

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