Friday, 13 April 2012

Jasna Manolios - Salone Satellite

In this project I have made an aluminium bracelet that opens crown cap bottle lids and drinking cans.

This project has focused on people with arthritis in order to give them an opportunity to be better-abled rather than dis-abled in society’s eyes. The objects are based around the forearm so as not to interfere with the troublesome areas around the hands and wrists. Some might see the designs as bracelets, which is socially acceptable and easy for the user to wear without drawing obvious attention to their arthritic disease.

Jasna Manolios at Salone Satellite 2012

Another benefit of this bracelet is that it can be used or worn differently to suit the user’s preference, be it in their hand, closer to the wrist or using their fingers. My research found that arthritis affects each person differently and the design had to accommodate this.

Melbourne Movement designer Jasna Manolios in Milan. 

Through this project I have endeavoured to play a conscientious role utilising industrial design practices where creating products just to sell is no longer the means for creation. Changing this conversation to a discourse about how we can help the lesser abled communities is an issue I focused on to create a product that ultimately empowers a subgroup in society for whom would typically not be designed.

More of Jasna’s work can be viewed at

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