Friday, 13 April 2012

Yoowan Yang - Salone Satellite

Yoowan Yang is an emerging young glass artist who recently completed a Fine Arts degree, majoring in glass blowing. Yoowan’s work incorporates a distinctive, honest style which focuses on the natural beauty of glass. She combines traditional materials and modern techniques to create innovative glass works.

Ties the Knot緣연(Yeon) are glass and ceramic vessels, inspired by human relationships.
” Men wander here on earth like the stars in heaven.
God has given them their course, where they meet each other,
and when they ought to part, they must part.
Their resistance would be useless,
it would destroy the whole order of the universe.”

Deutsche Liebe (German Love) by Müller, F. Max

In the world that we live in, there are many invisible connections between people.
We all have different cultures, living environments, lifestyles and religions as well.
But still we make a new relationship with others to share, care, communicate act and as companions and protectors for each other, and sometimes as stress relievers as well.

Yoowan Yang at Salone Satellite 2012 in Milan.

The use of two different materials of construction symbolises the intimate connection people form with myriad of possible emotions.

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