Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dusko Lapcevic - Salone Satellite

Dusko has been working very hard over recent weeks on the development and production of his Iris lighting range in preparation for Salone Satellite 2012.

Salone Satellite 2012 will launch the Iris light fittings by Melbourne Movement industrial designer Dusko Lapcevic.

Dusko Lapcevic at Salone Satellite 2012 in Milan.

Dusko Lapcevic is a designer who works in a broad range of areas, including furniture, homewares, jewellery, interiors and photography. More of his work can be viewed at

Iris range of light fittings by Dusko Lapcevic

The Iris Lighting range was inspired by both the sensual form of fishnet stockings and industrially produced expanded mesh. The pattern creation process allows infinitely variable  patterns to be generated, which can make the decorative disks as individual as the human iris.

Manufactured from spun aluminium, polypropylene and Tyvek, the range is available in various sizes, shapes, colours and patterned disks.

Melbourne Movement President Kjell Grant with new talent for 2012 Salone Satellite, designer Dusko Lapcevic, at the recent GOTYA awards in Melbourne.

The Tribal range was inspired by the sensual form of tribal combs. Like tribal combs, the organic form is created by the clever manipulation of slats of a single profile. Rubber spacers of varying size create the undulating form, while the use of a single slat profile simplifies the manufacturing process.

Tribal stools by new talent, Melbourne Movement's Dusko Lapcevic.

Tribal inspiration.

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