Friday, 13 April 2012

Jiyoon Kim - Salone Satellite

Melbourne Movement designer Jiyoon Kim will present her innovative Twist Wall panels at Salone Satellite 2012.

Twist Wall panels by Melbourne Movement designer Jiyoon Kim.

The Twist Wall Panels are acoustic wall panels derived from the folding patterns of three-dimensional square twist tessellation origami. Up to five units are assembled in any configuration to create an interactive moving module and different modules are arranged to create patterns on the wall.

Jiyoon Kim at Salone Satellite 2012

The units are attached together in such a way that when the user transforms one unit, it triggers a transition in all the units that are connected to it. The Twist Wall Panels are hand made from recyclable materials. Korean traditional rice paper, Han-Ji, was used to utilize its resilience and beautiful texture, and Echo Panels used as the base for sound absorption quality. The white paper was hand dyed with natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, and the vibrant yet unique colours are used to set the desired mood.

Mechanisms that allow the inter-connected modules to effect each other’s movements, was inspired from the door handle locking system. Simple stud clips are used as a form of joinery between the edges of the mechanisms in each units, allowing the push and pull system to create the transitions in different units.

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