Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Designed in China - Chinese Water Tree

Water is the source of our life. Everyday we should drink more than four litres of water. In China hot water is used everyday for making tea. In a fast-paced modern society the delivery of hot water can
be made more convenient for the individual. Opportunities for the design of an innovative hot water dispenser we identified though design research methods. The concept is called BILLY WATER which is a system that can dispense different temperatures of water efficiently. The system has facial recognition so is personalised to the individual and has safety as a priority. Design elements are drawn from traditional Chinese themes. Designed in China

Smart water tree concept designed in China by Master of Industrial Design student Wang Guan - Billy.

The Master of Industrial Design is a two year Double Masters program offered at the  Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou). The project is part of MDC5100 offered by Monash University Art Design and Architecture - MADA.

Students interested in the Master of Industrial Design (Double Masters) delivered in Suzhou should contact ian.wong@monash.edu

Full course details on SEU website here. http://yzb.seu.edu.cn/s/352/t/1754/09/b2/info68018.htm


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