Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Designed in China - Robocart

In a rapid developing society, productivity is the key. Currently building sites in China have a lot of manual labour. Occupational safety hazards and improvements in lifestyle will reduce numbers of willing building workers. Demand for new housing will increase so building site efficiency is essential.
To make deliveries and transportation on site more efficient an innovative autonomous robotic machine is proposed. Design research provided insights into current building methods in China and the design utilises recent developments in technology. The ROBOCART can work in all on site conditions and move on steep inclines to transport and deliver materials. Designed in China

Robocart concept designed in China by Master of Industrial Design student Han Tao - Gary. 

The Master of Industrial Design is a two year Double Masters program offered at the  Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou). The project is part of MDC5100 offered by Monash University Art Design and Architecture - MADA.

Students interested in the Master of Industrial Design (Double Masters) delivered in Suzhou should contact ian.wong@monash.edu

Full course details on SEU website here. http://yzb.seu.edu.cn/s/352/t/1754/09/b2/info68018.htm


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