Saturday, 5 October 2013

Designed in China - Blood collection pod

Medical care in China is rapidly improving and there is a high demand for blood. Blood collection is currently through a system of sterile mobile blood collecting vans. Many patients experience anxiety giving blood with the current system. Rather than invest to improve the existing mobile vans, a futuristic concept is proposed. The PEA POD is an autonomous self-service donating blood terminal. The concept comes from biomimicary of the PEA POD and is based on design research. The innovative PEA POD is a radical departure from the traditional medical setting. The priority is a comfortable feeling instead of a cold and serious one. Designed in China

Designed in China the blood collection Pod is by Master of Industrial Design student Guan Rui - Angela.
Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou).

The Master of Industrial Design is a two year Double Masters program offered at the  Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou). The project is part of MDC5100 offered by Monash University Art Design and Architecture - MADA.

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