Sunday, 20 October 2013

CobaltNiche - Melbourne Tram

Melbourne is famous for trams so it was with some pride and delight that I saw for the first time yesterday the new Melbourne Tram designed by industrial design consultants CobaltNiche. The project began several years ago and I have posted previously about this iconic project. The E-Class trams are not yet taking passengers as they complete out-of-service testing but it is great to see them out and about.

Melbourne Tram designed by CobaltNiche.

The tram appeared on the extension of Exhibition Street and then travelled down Flinders Street passed Fed Sq and Finders Street Station. An iconic Melbourne location for a new Melbourne Icon.

Melbourne's new tram outside the iconic Flinders Street Station.

New Melbourne Tram in Flinders Street.

E-Class trams will not only be the biggest that Melbourne has ever seen, they will also be the safest and most accessible with a range of innovative features including:

air-conditioning specifically designed for Melbourne's weather
dedicated wheelchair spaces with accessible intercom and next stop request button
external cameras to monitor passenger boarding and record motor vehicles illegally passing stationary trams
improved ride comfort and reduced noise with rotating bogies to handle tight turns
improved safety features to absorb impact in event of a collision
improved security via CCTV and emergency intercoms at each doorway
increased grab rails and stop request buttons in ergonomically selected locations
slip-resistant floors
state-of-the-art audio and visual announcements including next stop, destination, direction and connectivity.

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