Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Designed in China - Sling Bike

In modern China, people are living with stress, pressure and they rarely smile. Mobile devices have games and apps but this does not promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Design research explored traditional Chinese toys and games but final inspiration was from contemporary digital games like angry birds. The project proposes a toy that will make people happy and engage young adults from 18 to 25 years old. The SLINGBIKE concept is an oversized slingshot on a four wheel electric bike. Water balloons, plush toys and snowballs are the ammunition. Young adults work out and build muscle mass like in a gym. Most of all they have fun! Designed in China

Sling bike designed in China by Master of Industrial Design student Zhu Kongyou - Carl.

The Master of Industrial Design is a two year Double Masters program offered at the  Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou). The project is part of MDC5100 offered by Monash University Art Design and Architecture - MADA.

Students interested in the Master of Industrial Design (Double Masters) delivered in Suzhou should contact ian.wong@monash.edu

Full course details on SEU website here. http://yzb.seu.edu.cn/s/352/t/1754/09/b2/info68018.htm


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