Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wilhelm Wagenfeld - Bauhaus

Wilhelm Wagenfeld is a celebrated german industrial designer from the Bauhaus. He also happens to be the grandfather of my colleague and good friend at RMIT University Malte Wagenfeld. Malte and I studied industrial design together and his grandfathers career was often referenced during our studies. I have long sought one of his famous lamps for my collection. Whilst visiting the Auckland Museum it was wonderful to see his tea set on permanent display in the design and decorative arts section.

 Tea set designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Bauhaus. Germany

Label for Tea Set designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Auckland Museum.

Lamp designed by industrial designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld.

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  1. I'm sorry to disappoint you - the museum made a unforgivable mistake: This tea-set is not designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld but after WW II in the 1950s by Heinrich Löffelhardt for Schott Mainz. Schott - originally based in Jena - emigrated to West-Germany after WW II, and Löffelhardt designed the whole set completely new. The design of Wagenfeld and Löffelhardt differ in the form: Wagenfeld developed his teaset in all its parts out of a sphere; Löffelhardts principle was a cone respectively a biconical form.
    Dr. Walter Lokau
    Bremen, Germany