Saturday, 28 January 2012

Tim Peacocke - Wilco Industrial Switchgear

The Wilco "A Series' of industrial switchgear was a significant example of the value of industrial design at the time and more importantly the product range has proven to be a major success over the past thirty years. Designed by RMIT industrial design alumnus Tim Peacocke in the early 1980s it is a classic industrial design project success story.

Wilco's technical manager Michael Lumley was responsible for the project and briefed the young and talented Peacocke on the project that would result in a system of 34 castings.

The project was featured in issue 3 of 'Design World" November 1983 and the concept sketches, simple geometric design and bold graphic blue and yellow color scheme inspired us all as students.

This year marks thirty years of production for the 'A Series' range. The Wilco 'A Series' industrial switchgear were featured in the exhibition STILL09 celebrating industrial design that has endured curated by Ian Wong.

Wilco 'A Series' industrial switchgear designed by RMIT industrial design alumnus Tim Peacocke.

Current Wilco Industrial Switchgear brochure featuring the 'A Series' designed by industrial designer Tim Peacocke 1982.

Design World magazine Issue 3 November 1983 featuring Wilco 'A Series' industrial switchgear.

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