Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Silvan New Zealand - PasturePak

New Zealand has a lot of sheep and a lot of cows that eat a huge amount of pasture. The Silvan 600L and 800L PasturePak linkage sprayers are ideal for New Zealand farming applications and in particular for the maintenance of quality pasture.

The current PasturePak was designed whilst I was design manager at Outerspace Design with the team including Simon Kooymans.

Silvan PasturePak linkage sprayer.

RMIT alumnus industrial designer Ian Wong pictured at Silvan dealer in Taumarunui, New Zealand with the PasturePak linkage sprayer. Silvan Australia exports a comprehensive range of products designed in Victoria by Mr Wong.

Australian designed Silvan PasturePak linkage sprayer.

Designed by ejo design in 2007 the website for Silvan New Zealand featured the 50 litre SpotPak, the 400 litre DieselPak, and the 600 litre PasturePak designed by industrial designer Ian Wong.

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