Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Zealand Bumble Bee - Chevy Camaro

An encounter with a bumble bee of the insect variety was something I had anticipated whilst visiting New Zealand as this species of bee is not found in mainland Australia. Imagine my delight when the first bumble bee I spied was in fact a four wheeled version Chevy Camaro on the streets of Auckland. This species of bumble bee was bread in the studios of GM Holden in Melbourne and like the flying variety is not common in Victoria. This Bumble Bee was attracting a lot of attention while standing still. The yellow VE Holden Commodore hire car photographed at our bach in Lake Taupo is the GM Zeta platform the Camaro is built on. At the time of the Camaro Concept Car launch - GM global design executive Tony Stolfo said Camaro was a prime example of GM's ability to successfully work across continents on global projects. "Chevrolet Camaro's engineering and design work is happening right here, right now, at Fishermans Bend." Mr Stolfo said. "We are very excited about helping style the look and developing the thrilling drive performance that are hallmarks of this iconic nameplate."

The following day I did encounter New Zealand bumble bees on the lawn outside the Auckland Museum.

Chevy Camaro Bumble Bee.

Chevy Camaro Bumble Bee in Auckland New Zealand.

Holden Commodore hire car at Lake Taupo bach.

New Zealand bumble bee.

Auckland Museum.

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