Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sketching Chess - Traditions

Chess is an age old traditional game but children today can benefit from the strategic thinking necessary to play. Industrial design sketching skills are also traditional but I believe are as important as ever.

In the communications course at RMIT Industrial Design the fundamentals of sketching and visualisation are encouraged and developed responding to industry feedback that these skills remain vital. Students continue to build capacity with digital tools but figure drawing and rapid visualisation of concepts are key course components. The work shown is from first year Semester 1 student Glen Tay.

Sketching existing common chess pieces develops perspective, scale, proportion and line quality.
Figure and context are vital in presentations of original concepts.

Wacom and sketchbook pro hand visuals build form, surface, tone, light, and color skills and appreciation.

CAD modelling of final design of chess set.

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