Saturday, 31 December 2011

Marc Newson - Sydney Fireworks

As the hands of our clocks reach midnight tonight around the world we will celebrate the coming of a New Year. Concepts for clocks, watches and timepieces have often been on the drawing board of industrial designer Marc Newson, so it may well be that many of us will count down to the Sydney fireworks with one of Marc's pieces. This year however in Sydney and around the world via television images we will be treated to the latest Marc Newson project - the fireworks themselves.

Marc grew up in Sydney studying at the Sydney College of the Arts and was a young child when the Sydney Opera House was opened in 1973.

Marc has specified a strict colour palette of blue, violet, green and yellow but we will have to wait and see what his vision is for the iconic midnight harbour bridge effect.

Designer Marc Newson.

Video courtesy -  The Australian.

Lockheed lounge designed by Marc Newson. 1986

Pod Watch designed by Marc Newson. 1986

Atmos 566 clock designed by Marc Newson. 2010

Nike Zvezdochka Shoes designed by Marc Newson. 2001

Gemini Grinders for Alessi designed by Marc Newson. 2001

Qantas First Class lounge Sydney designed by Marc Newson.

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