Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Studying Industrial Design at RMIT University

I was looking at an old backup today and found this RMIT Industrial Design Course brochure from 1986. I assume this was put together by Elivio Bonollo, or perhaps Dean Holmes at the time.

Interviews for places for 2012 were held at RMIT over the past few days which made me think to write this post. I still remember I was interviewed by Gerry Mussett in room 2B1 and still have some of the items from my application folio.

This brochure from 1986 features Mark Wright's space man full size airbrush which was very famous amongst ID students at the time. This was done in Bernie Walsh's class. In my first year at RMIT the program installed full size automotive pinboards in room 2B2 and lecturers like Bernie and Chris Emmerson had students doing full size tape drawings and airbrush renderings. It was an amazing atmosphere, exactly like a professional design studio. We learnt so much watching the progress of senior students projects on the walls and in the workshop - 2B3.

Mark Wright went on to an automotive career at Ford but his spaceman we all remember well. Projects by Steve Martinuzzo - portable vacuum cleaner, Alphons van Maanen - digital music reader and my final year major project, a dialysis machine are featured on the rear of the brochure.

All the best to current applicants for all ID programs. It is a great career.

RMIT Industrial Design brochure 1986

RMIT Industrial Design brochure 1986
Portable Vacuum Cleaner - Steven Martinuzzo
Digital Music Reader - Alphons van Maanen
Dialysis Machine - Ian Wong

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  1. hi, I am student wanted to do transport design, and I am confused between RMIT and Monash, which is better? Thank you