Friday, 2 December 2011

Mario Matkovich - Where is Mario?

Driving along Beach Road around 3pm today listening to the cricket on the ABC I noticed the wind was up and a huge number of Kite flyers were out and about. My mind turned back to 1987 and to just one amazing designer....Mario Matkovich.

I was fortunate to work with some great designers at John Westwood Design Associates; John Westwood, Jack Magree, Phillip Slattery, and Ross Williams, ...... but the most unique and amazing was Mario.

Mario taught myself and Jack heaps as we watched his incredible productivity and creativity honed from years working for Philips Clayton CID. It was not however the skills and capability that Mario possessed that brought him to my mind today, but his love of the bay.

If the wind was up on Port Phillip Bay like it was today Mario would not be at his drawing board, he would be on the water. John, Ian Edgar, and Robert Pataki all employed Mario and I am sure all would share my thoughts with a smile....where is Mario?

Kites off Brighton Beach before "knock off" time.

Swinburne University alumnus industrial designer Mario Matkovich.

Philips television concept design by Mario Matkovich. 1970s

Philips television concept design detail by Mario Matkovich. 1980s

VCR concept design by industrial designer Mario Matkovich. 1980s

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