Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Grant Featherston - Aristoc Scape Stool

This Grant Featherston designed Scape stool is more likely to feature in our home at the kitchen bench than be stored in the collection but either way it is a welcome recent acquisition.

Grant Featherston Scape stool designed for Aristoc.


  1. Hi Ian.

    This stool is actually from the Mitzi range, there wasn't a stool in the Scape range.

    A key identifier is the feet which are quite distinctive between the two. Mitzi has chromed swivel glides and Scape are fixed stainless steel.

    Of course there are other distinctions, but that's what I can see from your image.


  2. As Michael says, It's a Mitzi stool and definitely not Scape, there were no Scape stools made. Thanks, Ryan Holding.