Monday, 25 November 2013

Melbourne NOW - Bolwell Edge

The first of the Melbourne NOW Bolwell Edge Design Residency program began on the weekend featuring Jethro Pugh and Sam Nikolsky from Maker Machine.

The Bolwell EDGE Caravan Studio plays host to Melbourne designers as a design studio each week over the duration of Melbourne Now. The EDGE is the designer's studio from Thursday through to Sunday 10am-2pm. Designers will be conducting day-to-day practice or working on special projects.

Participating designers
Philippa Abbott of A&D Projects
Mathew Bird of Studiobird
Vaughan Bolwell director of design at the Bolwell Corporation
Edmund Carter and Simone LeAmon of CarterLeAmon
Michael Trudgeon of Crowd Productions
David Vu and Josh Tatangelo of ENESS
Tom Kovac of Kovac Architecture
Dale Hardiman, Adam Lynch and Andre Andrew Hnatojko of Lab De Stu
Ben Landau
Leah Heiss
Gyungju Chyon and John Sadar of Little Wonder
Jethro Pugh and Sam Nikolsky of Maker Machine
Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli of Mathery Studio
Stephen Mushin
Justin Hutchinson and Shawn Ashkanasy of Urban Commons
Danielle Wilde

Industrial designers Jethro Pugh and Sam Nikolsky founded Maker Machine and run school incursions for kids aged 8-12. These incursions feature 3D scanning and 3D printing demonstrations, hands on workshops demonstrating simple electronics, robotics and more fun activities combining art and science.

Melbourne Now design curator Simone LeAmon with Sam Nikolsky from Maker Machine - Bolwell Edge

Sam Nikolsky at Bolwell Edge design residency.

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