Saturday, 30 November 2013

Kouhei Kawakami - MADA Industrial Design

Kouhei Kawakami
2025 Socialized Car Interior

Kouhei Kawakami - MADA Industrial Design

This project explores the possibilities of bringing back the emotional connection between users and their vehicles through a non-physical ownership system that integrates into the world and youth of 2025. This interior aims to create a flexile and customizable space for generation Z youth whilst working in a car sharing system for students in Melbourne 2025.

2025 Socialized Car Interior concpet designed by Kouhei Kawakami

Registered users of this socialized car-sharing system Log in and book a vehicle when needed. The flexible interior can be personalised to suit each user’s needs and desires online much like a social networking page, and will upload when they log on to a vehicle. Users are encouraged to share a ride with peers, as the ride fair is split and the vehicle can remember and identify the user’s ‘friends’ and common destinations based on usage patterns.

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