Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Phillip Zmood - Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium

Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame designer Phillip Zmood will present a workshop at the Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium 2013 in Shenzen on December 2nd.

Phillip Zmood - Hall of Fame designer

“Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium” was initiated by Tsinghua University in 2002. It is a platform for collaboration and exchange in the theories and practices on knowledge development of innovation and design management. After the “2009 D2B Tsinghua International Design Management Symposium” in Beijing, the event has gone biennial. The “2011 Tsinghua-DMI International Design Management Symposium, Hong Kong” was organized by Tsinghua University and has attracted over 300 participants from 18 countries and 55 universities and organizations. This series has become one of the most significant and established international events of the field.

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