Sunday, 13 May 2012

Phillip Zmood - Qilin Concept Car China

The Qilin was the first concept car designed in China and was launched at the Shanghai Motor Show in 1999. RMIT alumnus industrial designer Phillip Zmood worked in Shanghai with GM partners Patac on the Qilin concept car project. The Qilin project was one of many career highlights from Phillip Zmood's illustrious career that featured in the 2010 exhibition at Melbourne Museaum,  Zmood - Designing Holdens.

The first Chinese designed concept car the Qilin from Patac in Shanghai China. 1999.

Magazine cover featuring the Qilin concept car for China. 1999.

Australian automotive designer Phillip Zmood working on the Qilin concept car for China at Patac in Shanghai. 1999.

Automotive designer Phillip Zmood with his archive material of the China project the Qilin. 1999.

Shanghai Now print media coverage of Qilin release 1999.

Zmood - Designing Holden exhibition 2010 curated by Ian Wong.

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