Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bernie Walsh - Wacom Lab success

Concept sketching by industrial design students in the RMIT wacom lab has proven to be highly successful with graduates and undergraduates attaining industry positions with GM Holden. Bernie Walsh is to be congratulated for the success of this facility in providing the high quality outcomes acknowledged by industry. It is also a credit to Bernie that past students, Ryan Fonceca and Glen Tay, are supporting current students by attending evening elective classes and sharing their industry skills. Ryan was successful earlier this year being recruited by GM as a designer in the advanced design studio. Glen Tay is currently an intern with GM Holden, also in the advanced design studio.

Concept sketch by industrial designer Bernie Walsh

Concept sketch on wacom tablet by Bernie Walsh.

Automotive design sketch by Ryan Fonceca.

Ryan Fonceca demonstrates automotive design sketching in the RMIT wacom lab.

Concept car sketch by Glen Tay.

Glen Tay demonstrates sketching in the RMIT wacom lab.

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