Saturday, 25 February 2012

Letters from Outerspace - Olivetti ETP55

Outerspace Design is one of Australia's leading industrial design consultancies. Like the origins of the universe we all have to start somewhere.

Mark Johnson, Fred Blochlinger and Wallace Tench established Outerspace Design Group in a studio in Dickman Street Richmond. Building the business meant contacting potential new clients and this week Fred and Mark recalled the early days using a number of industry databases and sending out proposals typed on an Olivetti EPT55 typewriter. All early estimates, quotes and design proposals were typed on this Mario Bellini classic which has featured in the recent exhibition 'my valentine' at the Design Gallery. Years later whilst Design Manager at Outerspace I spied this typewriter high on a shelf in a back cupboard of the workshop. Knowing my interest in collecting Olivetti typewriters Mark kindly donated it to my collection.

Outerspace Design directors Fred Blochlinger and Mark Johnson with Ian Wong curator of 'my valentine' exhibition. 

Olivetti ETP55 featured in 'my valentine' exhibition.

Origins of Outerspace - Original business cards from Outerspace Design director Fred Blochlinger.

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