Tuesday, 21 February 2012

DQ Magazine - Open Forum

The recent issue of DQ magazine #44 featured Design Institute of Australia Victorian Branch Councillors James Harper, Clare Beale, and Ian Wong in the Open Forum.

What do you feel the next decade holds for design and society, and how do we stay at the forefront of this?

DQ magazine #44 Open Forum with James Harper, Clare Beale, and Ian Wong

TEXT FROM DQ Magazine #44

Ian Wong
Director, ejo
Design Education Practice Group coordinator – DIA Victoria

The next decade provides exciting opportunities for industrial designers. Blogging and social media today demonstrate how ideas can be instantly shared through smart phones and how truly global or local our impact as designers can be.

Australian designed products can find large and instant local or global markets and digital manufacture will see more products made in the neighbourhood or home. Additive manufacturing technology and digital 3D printers with multiple materials will enable complex items to be manufactured from hybrids of metal/plastic/organic etcetera.

Concepts like growing objects are more feasible. Organic products that serve seasonally like fruit or leaves may evolve. Product design is migrating away from the professional to the customer so we are likely to see more applications that provide the product design to your own specifications. Facilities, like the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct at RMIT University in Melbourne, and the cross discipline collaboration possible through their Design Hub will see us remain at the forefront regionally and globally.


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