Thursday, 7 July 2011

Willow - Prints

Willow Ware tins celebrated the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 and through our history have reflected the style and design of life in Victoria. The roses and fruit sets of Willow Ware canisters represented below are from the Wong family home. One set on display and one in the pantry.

High quality printing on metalware was a Willow Ware trademark with this 1956 Melbourne Olympics tin a proud example for the Victorian family business.

Willow roses tin canister 1940s

Willow strawberry tin canister 1950s

The seventies arrive in Melbourne with plastic moulded lids and 'Flower Power' prints. Willow Ware stacking containers.

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  1. Hello, i recently found the Willow strawberry tin canister 1950s in my grandpa's shed (he gave it to me). I was wondering how much its worth. I know this is a while since the post but on the odd chance you see this, thanks.
    Thanks again, Chirstopher.