Monday, 4 July 2011

No Stopping - Australian Design

Every day, across Victoria and in cities around the world, millions of pedestrian’s are aided in their journey by a simple, elegant Australian design solution - the audio-tactile pedestrian detector (ATPD). Nielsen Design Associates, established by RMIT alumnus industrial designer Carl Nielsen in 1961, was one of the first industrial design consulting studios in Sydney. In 1985 whilst a director of Nielsen Design Associates industrial designer David Wood designed the ATPD.

The unit is a truly universal design made from cast aluminium with vandal-proof fixings, has a large magnetic button (tested to withstand millions of pushes) that is easy to find and push, and the Braille arrow on the vibrating plate indicates the direction to cross. “Still” in production there is no stopping this innovative and enduring Australian design.

RMIT alumnus industrial designer Carl Nielsen's company, Nielsen Design Associates, designed the award winning ATPD device pictured at RMIT University.

Inspiring the next generation. RMIT industrial design first year student Emma Gerard's Adobe Illustrator rendering of the ATPD.

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