Thursday, 7 July 2011

Simply great - the D Chair stacks up.

Designed by RMIT alumnus industrial designer Barry Crone in 1978 and launched at Neocon in Chicago in 1980 the D Chair is unique for its efficiency.

The minimilist design of only two parts, one piece of solid steel rod and one plastic moulding, is also one of the world’s most efficient stacking chairs, designed for use in convention centres and large hospitality venues.

Barry worked in Melbourne at ACI Glass and Philips in Clayton before moving to Kansas City where he worked with Fixtures Furniture as staff designer and consultant for ten years. During this time Barry was invited, by the Head of the Kansas City Art Institute Victor Papanek, to lecture undergraduate students, which he did for five years.

Barry’s vision and the instant success of the D Chair established a design culture at Fixtures Furniture that continues today. Fixtures Furniture by izzy+ recently was awarded Best of NeoCon® for the Webster multipurpose chair. Tenth time in 11 NeoCon shows for izzy+ to earn industry honors for product excellence.

The success of the D Chair must not only be measured in unit sales, which have been outstanding, but for the minimilist principles that have conserved the earth’s valuable resources in it’s manufacture and transport by simple, efficient and elegant design.

The D Chair (d for design and dynamic) currently is part of the IZZY+ range and is ‘STILL’ in production. The D Chair featured in the exhibition STILL09.

The D chair designed by industrial designer Barry Crone 1978

The D chair is one of the world's most efficient stacking chairs.

Barry Crone is currently a director of the Melbourne consultancy UNO

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