Sunday, 12 April 2015

Salone Satellite - Dowel Jones

Dowel Jones - Adam Lynch & Dale Hardiman

Salone Satellite 2015 - Dowel Jones - Melbourne Movement Stand A28

Mr. Dowel Jones and Mr. Merger are a simple flat pack lighting range consisting of rubber, brass and oak. A simplicity in componentry allows for the light to take on an infinite amount of configurations, not only making it a singular product, but a system for creating structures.

Salone Satellite 2015 - Dowel Jones  - Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch- Melbourne Movement Stand A28

Dowel Jones (Adam Lynch & Dale Hardiman) is interested in simplifying objects to their bare essentials without compromising on aesthetic values. Dowel Jones works with manufacturers involved in the development of everyday materials and objects and is currently based within a rubber factory in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

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