Sunday, 12 April 2015

Salone Satellite 2015 - Max Harper

Max Harper

Salone Satellite - Corker - Max Harper - Melbourne Movement Stand A28

The Corker series of pendant lights is inspired by the iconic cork hats that are linked to Australiana. Corker playfully mocks this cultural iconography in a modern design context.

Salone Satellite - Max Harper - Melbourne Movement Stand A28

Corker comes in two styles and two variations, Skinny and Rotund, straight pendant light and pivoted pendant light. Each piece is hand turned from agglomerated cork; cork being a hardy yet renewable,
bio-degradable and recyclable resource. The wire-bent powdercoated mild steel yoke allows the light to pivot to a range of angles.

These lights are designed and made in Australia. The simplicity in design allows the material to reveal its natural beauty.

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  1. WONDERFUL, such a great concept and design, sustainable and very attractive!