Monday, 24 September 2012

Ed Linacre - James Dyson Award

Grand Designs Live Melbourne provided an opportunity for The James Dyson Award winner Ed Linacre to share the stage with the awards founder James Dyson, even if only in a virtual form. The Dyson stand at Grand Designs Live Melbourne was a major feature of the event and with Ed present as an exhibitor with Melbourne Movement we took the opportunity to capture this image.

Ed Linacre is a graduate of Swinburne University industrial design and a GOTYA award winner from the Design Institute of Australia.

The James Dyson Award winner Ed Linacre

Melbourne Movement President Kjell Grant with industrial designer Ed Linacre.

The two Weave Pendant lamps by Ed Linacre were a huge hit at Grand Designs Live Melbourne and a feature of the Melbourne Movement stand. The visual impact of the lamps inspired event organisers to chose an image of the lamps as the Facebook wrap for the entire event. Congratulations Ed.

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