Saturday, 29 September 2012

3D Heart - Mixed Reality technology on iPad

Research at the International Tangible Interaction Design Lab (ITIDLab) includes the work of Masters candidate Kai Cheng which sees a comprehensive 3D model of a human heart appear on an ipad using Mixed Reality technology. A 2D graphic marker is placed on a surface and doctor and patient can manipulate the heart model with the iPad as if it were floating above the table surface in the consulting rooms.

Mixed Reality research by Kai Cheng at Monash University's International Tangible Interaction Design Lab (ITIDLab).

Supervisors Jeff Janet and Dr Stephen J. Wang invited me recently to view Kai Cheng's amazing project and ongoing research. The research project is part of the E-Health research scheme in the ITIDLab at Department of Design, MADA, Monash University. This study focuses on exploring the potential to implement MR technology systems into medical practice. Kai is focussed on realising a solution to enhance the efficiency of medical-purposed communications. Based on the proficiency of MR technology, Kai employes an Interaction Design approach, his recent research activities concentrate on 'field study' and 'data analysis', trying to figure out the real users' needs under a typical clinical practice environment.  

Mixed Reality provides a capacity for a patient to explore the sections of a heart model with the doctor during consultation on an iPad.

"This is very good example of the undergoing projects in this lab." said supervisor Dr Stephen Wang. "The design approach is the key, the Interaction Design approach. Obviously, the key element to determine is the degree of innovation in such a topic: the behavior! The User's behavior! The designer or researcher understands the capability of the technology and the fact that they have the ability to use the technology is critical here. The beauty of this research is the integration of MR technology with the practical needs in the hospital.  Industrial designers are always equipped with specific material & engineering related knowledge in a design project. This research is expanding the comprehensive knowledge structure for interaction design. Of course, Kai contributes as a designer, an Interaction Designer."

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