Saturday, 17 September 2011

FutureGrad Workshop - UTAS

The FutureGrad Workshop at University of Tasmania School of Architecture + Design was a huge success and an important initiative to support students graduating from Architecture, Furniture Design and for the first time in 2011 the Interior Design program. Representing the DIA Victorian Branch I was fortunate to attend most sessions which were all informative, engaging and full of valuable insights from an excellent range of presenters and panel members.

UTAS School of Architecture and Design

FutureGrad Workshop September 16th 2011 -  presenters and panel participants - Adam Haddow - SJB Architects, Alysia Bennett - OSA (Office of the State Architect), Cassandra Kiss - Jaws Architects, Ceridwen Owen - UTAS and Core Collective, Garth Ancher - Preston Lane Architects, Geoff Clark - UTAS and Troppo Architects, Guy Paramore - Furniture Design Graduate, Ian Briggs - Plus Architecture, Ian Wong - DIA (Design Institute Australia), Janine Holt - Australian Institute of Architects (Insurance), Jarrod Hughes - Circa Architects and EAT, Jen Smit - Mulloway Architects, Jenni Sharman - DOT (Designed Objects Tasmania), Josh Nester – SEEK, Jude Abell – Futago, Justine Clark - Independent architectural writer, editor, critic and curator, Keith Westbrook - Circa Architects and EAT, Kirsty Máté - UTAS and Eco Balance, Leigh Woolley – Architect, Leila Allbrook - Architect, Madeline Lester - Madeline Lester & Associates, Mark Rhodes – MONA, Martin Green, Mat Hinds – Architect, Mike Wilkinson – Architect, Polly McGee - Startup Tasmania, Poppy Taylor - Circa Architects, Richard Hall - Spatial Oddity and Lateral Building Designs, Sharon Turner-French - ARTAS Architects, Simon Ancher – UTAS, Trudy-Ann King - Green Building Council Australia.

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