Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 - Working in Outerspace

Today we are all reflecting on where we were and what we were doing when the World Trade Centre was attacked in 2001. I was working in Outerspace, well more accurately working back late at Outerspace Design Group on a project deadline with senior designer Paul Taylor. If I recall correctly we were working on prototype refinements for the neuroview brain scanning helmet. I had my mobile phone off and my partner rang the office several times as the events unfolded, eventually, and at the time reluctantly I left work, and at home we watched the footage of the towers collapsing into the early morning.

Ejo developed and project managed the batch production of the first commercial installations of this brain scanning technology for London, New York and Melbourne labs in 2000. When at OSDG in 2001 we were working on product refinements for future models. The eeg electrodes detailed at that time are still used in Neuro Insight equipment featured in the video below. This technology and its application in advertising was featured on a recent episode of the Gruen Tranfer.

Neuro marketing featured on Gruen Transfer.

Neuro Insight technology developed in Melbourne.

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