Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Decor - Habana beaker set

A modest but important addition to my collection of Victorian industrial design arrived in the post today.

Decor have manufactured millions of products since Brian Davis first tooled up to make the Habana beaker set in the late 1950s. The concept was to design an all plastic moulded set to compete with the popular anodized aluminium travel cup sets with leather cases. Brian had seen the potential of plastics in his sales role with Australian toy maker Toltoys. This was Brian's first product and it's success would launch Australia's award winning homewares company Decor Corporation.

Sixty years after production Ebay has allowed me to find a pristine Habana set, unused and with the original display packaging label in perfect condition. In my research work this is like an original Coke bottle, the first Nike shoe, or Apples first product the Apple 1.

One for the pool room!

Habana beaker set  - Brian Davis Plastics

Typical 1950s anodized aluminium travel cup set.

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