Sunday, 7 April 2013

Vivianne Kollevris - Ribbon Chair

Melbourne Movement designer Vivianne Kollevris will exhibit the Ribbon Chair at Salone Satellite 2013. Milan Italy.

Ribon Chair designed by Vivianne Kollevris exhibited at Salone Satelitte 2013. Milan.

Ribbon Chair exploits the potential offered by high performance fibre reinforced concrete to create a piece of furniture unlike any other. At just 22mm thick, Ribbon Chair utilises the tremendous strength offered by concrete of this type to produce a thin and elegant form, in contrast to what one expects to see from concrete.

Vivianne is a Melbourne based furniture and product designer. Inspired by the beauty and mathematics of geometric shapes, her work focuses on the purity of shape and its potential to become something extraordinary. As a professional structural engineer, Vivianne uses her unique combination of creative and engineering skills to develop distinctive designs that challenge preconceptions on how an object should work, look and feel.

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