Tuesday, 21 August 2012

CobaltNiche - Premier's Design Award 2008

Designed by leading Australian industrial design consultancy CobaltNiche the Varian 900LC liquid-chromatography system was awarded a 2008 Victorian Premier’s Design Award.

CobaltNiche designed Varian 900LC was awarded a 2008 Victorian Premier’s Design Award

Unlike its predecessors and most of its competitors, the 900LC series integrated a number of 'standalone' components within one compact enclosure providing a pre-configured plug-and-play solution.

A major project for both CobaltNiche and Varian, the instrument introduced a number of ‘firsts’ for this market segment, especially in the use of innovative twin-skin thermoformed moulding technology, that offered lower-cost and provided extremely strong and lightweight enclosure panels.

The instrument’s styling was a progression of Varian’s corporate product design language also developed by CobaltNiche. This style features pure geometries, consistent colour use and strong branding. 

  Varian 900LC designed by industrial design consultancy CobaltNiche.

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