Friday, 27 January 2012

AWA P4 Television - Archive Video

The AWA P4 17inch television design by William Moody featured in the recent ORANGE- Living in the 70s exhibition at the Design Gallery of the Design Institute of Australia. A rare insight is provided into the history of Australian industrial design and in particular the AWA P4 television project in the film produced by the Industrial Design Council of Australia in the early 1970s.

AWA P4 17 inch black & white television featured in the ORANGE - Living in the 70s exhibition at the Design Institute of Australia Design Gallery curated by Ian Wong.

Concept sketch for AWA P4 television set designed by industrial designer William Moody.

The film shows a briefing meeting, preliminary layout sketches, technical layouts, model making, detailing, and production specification overseen by industrial designer William Moody.

The garden sprinkler by Rosenfeld and Geradin is featured as well as the Bill Iggulden Studio K task lamp for Planet, Regis glasses by Edward Kayser, and the Caroma bath stool.

Archive film from the 1960s produced by the Industrial Design Council of Australia.

AWA 17" television designed by industrial designer William moody was awarded the 1968 Sebel Design Merit Award.

William Moody first worked as an industrial designer at GMH commencing in 1954 and later was given the opportunity to establish a styling department at British Motor Corporation in Sydney. In 1960 he accepted a position as industrial design manager for Amalgamated Wireless Australasia.

Studio K task lamp designed by industrial designer Bill Iggulden.

Waterbird sprinkler designed by pioneering Australian industrial design consultancy Rosenfeld and Gherardin for Ogden Industries. 1964.

Australian iconic industrial design the Regis glassware range by RMIT alumnus Edward Kayer.

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